Eight Patent

System for cyber signalling and train traffic control at railway yard

We have filed our eighth Indian Patent title “An apparatus, method and system for cyber signalling and train traffic control at railway yard”. The invention discloses an apparatus, system and method for real time managing of trains’ traffic in railway yard. Embodiment of the present invention comprises plurality of FBG sensors, local control unit (LCU), control unit (CU) and communication network. Local control unit (LCU) calculates the number of train axles on detection points (DP) in a point and point zone status information and send to the control unit (CU). The control unit (CU) compares the number of train axles of two or more detection points (DP) of axle zones to find track occupancy and store track and point zone status in database. The Human Machine Interface (HMI) device of users displays the track and point zone status. The authorized users of HMI devices instruct control unit (CU) to operate specific point machines (PM) for train route setting and computerized signalling. The system and method improves safety and efficiency of trains operation at railway yard. 

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