Fifth Patent

System for modular wireless train operation at railway yard

We have filed our fifth Indian Patent title “An apparatus, method and system for modular wireless train operation at railway yard”. The invention discloses a real time rail yard management using Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors (101) mounted on the rails. The area of concern of this system is providing real time rail yard awareness to the authorized users and wireless operation of point machine. The solution comprises Fiber Bragg grating (FBG) assembly unit (101), local control unit (LCU) (102), control unit (CU) and communication network. Local control unit (LCU) (102) calculate the real time yard status and show on Human Machine Interface (HMI) (LU-1,2,3) device of users. The users (loco driver or any authorized person) having authorized user ID and password can monitor the current rail yard status wirelessly and manages the points by selecting the position (Normal/Reverse) of point machine (PM) (104) with their Human Machine Interface (HMI) device.

Therefore, the solution provides a modular, flexible and real time wireless solution for electronic interlocking at rail yard using FBG sensors.

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