IoT based Freight Train Control System ( IFTCS) – Safe, Scalable and Smart

Private Sidings in India are operated manually and the operations’ staff do not have first-hand information on track occupancy. Poor yard utilization, inefficient operation and derailments are natural consequences.
Present technologies used by Indian Railways would support one stationary person to view and operate.
Such systems are not suitable for private sidings as multiple persons, who are in the move, manage operations.

IoT based Freight Train Control System (IFTCS) is designed and developed to meet railway siding requirements. One of the main requirements of railway siding requirement is decentralisation of control to support multiple operators who could be on the move. IFTCS is completely wireless and all data is stored in the cloud to provide real time information to authorized personnel.

Main Features of IFTCS
Flexibility in Operations (Operate when in move)
Real Time Information to all who could be stationary or in the move – facilitates report generation and decision making.
Ease of operation
Modular – easy to scale
Availability of data in the cloud
Secure against unauthorised operation using login ID and password protection
Positive proving of point status

Information to all through Smart hand held devices
Wireless Operation by authorised persons
Avoids derailments caused by improper manual point operation in non-interlocked yards
Improves asset utilisation
Identify inefficiencies in the system
Aids decision making process

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