IoT based Track Occupancy Information System ( ITOIS) – Safe, Scalable and Smart

Private sidings are backbone to freight movement. Freight trains originate from private sidings and terminate at private sidings. Efficient operation of private sidings is critical to the economy of rail sector world over.
At present, private sidings are not equipped to provide first-hand visual information regarding track occupancy to the those managing the sidings. Information pertaining to line occupancy is conveyed orally.

IoT based Track Occupied Information System (ITOIS) is designed and developed to provide track status (occupied or not) as a visual display in real time to all authorized personnel, whether at a centralized location or on the move. For safe and efficient operation in railway sidings it is required that loco drivers / shunting staff have real time information regarding the status of line / lines. Apart from the current status, managers also need to know the history of track utilization – what happened few hours ago, or yesterday, etc.
ITOIS communication is wireless and data is stored in the cloud to provide daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports, apart from real time information.
The information and display system can be customized to meet specific user requirements.

Main Features of ITOIS
Real Time Information
View in the Smart Phone
Wireless Modular – Easy to Scale
Data storage in the cloud
Secured against unauthorized operation using login ID and password protection

Visibility of entire siding from anywhere
Efficient movement
Improves asset utilization
Helps to analyse and identify inefficiencies in the system
Aids decision making

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