IoT based Wireless Point Control System ( IWPCS) – Safe, Scalable and Smart


Points in Private Sidings are still operated manually,leading to derailments and higher idling time of valuable assets like locomotives.

With a judicious mix of conventional products (relays, Motors) and the current state-of-the art technologies (wireless communication, VLSI, smart sensors) it is possible to provide a safe, smart and efficient control of fixed and movable assets of Railways.
Such an IoT (Internet of Things) based combination of the legacy systems with the present day technology will permit Railways to benefit from AI and Data Analytics.
With such a combinations, Lab To Market has developed a unique platform which can be used for fail safe applications like operation of point machines, level crossings, etc.
IWPCS (IoT based Wireless Point Control System) has been designed on our fail safe platform and it enables the operator to operate the point machine directly and/ or from the Cloud. IWPCS supports operation of point machine through APPs safely.

Best Suited for Private Railway Sidings / Industrial Railway Sidings / Goods Yards


  • Secure against unauthorized operations through Login ID and Password Positive proving of point status.
  • Local standby panel to make sure operations are not interrupted in any situation.
  • Ready for AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) and Data Analytics


  • Avoids derailments due to improper point operation in non-interlocked yards.
  • Can be operated from remote distance in hazardous areas without risk.
  • Can be operated by Loco Driver / Running Staff from the engine.

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