Rolling Stock and Engine Management Information System


Terminals/Goods yards/Sidings are very important for train running. Trains originate from terminals/goods yards/sidings and also terminate. At present, these terminals/goods yards/sidings are not equipped to provide first – hand visual information regarding engines and rolling stock entry and exit in each line/entire terminal/yard/siding.


REMIS is being designed and developed to provide Management Information System of Rolling stock and Engine:

  • Entry and Exit of Engine and also Rolling Stock on Real Time
  • Stock of Engine and Rolling Stock in each line
  • Stock of Engine and Rolling Stock in terminal/good yard/siding
  • Loaded/Partially Loaded/Empty
  • Weight of the wagonREMIS can also monitor uneven loading of wagons and also condition of wheel i.e lat wheel.

FBG Concept

The FBG operates like an optical filter i.e. it reflects certain wavelength of light while it transmits others. Fiber Bragg Gratings convert mechanical strain variation into an optical wavelength shift.
Strain caused on the FBG sensor would make wavelength to get shifted to detect/sense parameters.

FBG fabrication

FBG is fabricated by exposing photosensitive fiber core to pulsed UV laser through optical phase mask.

FBG Sensors can be employed for sensing below parameters

  • Strain
  • Temperature
  • Force
  • Displacement
  • Vibration
  • Load
  • Flow
  • Rotation/Torque
  • Electric Fields

FBG Sensors can be employed for sensing below parameters

  • Magnetic Fields
  • Pressure
  • Displacement/Velocity
  • Acceleration
  • Chemical concentration
  • Gas Sensing like Hydrogen
  • Displacement/Velocity
  • Biomedical Applications
  • Specific biosensor

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