T.V. Prabhakar

Prabhakar is a Principal Research Scientist with the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He works in the area of Networked Embedded Systems where he focuses on hardware system design, micro energy harvesting systems and power management algorithms.
Prabhakar leads the effort in Zero Energy Networks Laboratory (Zenlab) at DESE, IISc, where his students and project staff work on building embedded electronic systems for application  areas such as airplane cabin, healthcare, smart homes, and other IoT applications such as indoor positioning systems.  A significant work in embedded space is at the MAC layer, layer 3 and other protocols.  His laboratory has implemented Publish-Subscribe and REST architecture protocols and adapted embedded IPv6  flavors such as 6LowPAN.  The laboratory also works on IoT frameworks such as ALLJOYN, Thread etc.
Another focus area of his lab is related to RFID based localization and building RF energy harvesting platforms.   An algorithm is being developed that can currently localize RFID tags to less than 2 feet.
The laboratory has produced two energy harvesting silicon solutions to harvest RF power in the -8dBM level.  These efforts are mostly in collaboration with ECE department.
His current research interests are in Tactile Internet applications with a goal to build low latency and reliable applications for remote maintenance and surgery.  Several new and upcoming technologies such as outdoor 5G and indoor 802.11ad (Wi-Fi at 60GHz) would be required to achieve the sub 1ms round trip times for such applications.
Prabhakar’s laboratory has published over 50 papers in IEEE and ACM conferences.  The laboratory has received several `best paper’ awards and showcased a few prototypes to the prime minister in the `Startup India’ event organized by the government of India in Jan 2016.
Prabhakar obtained MSc (Physics) in 1987 from Annamalai University, MSc (Engg) in 2004 from Centre for Electronics Design and Technology, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and Ph.D in 2012 from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands.

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